Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ebusinesses guide helps SMEs to self-diagnose their competences

The new on-line service "eBusiness Guide for SMEs: eBusiness software and services in the European market" is now available at the European Commission's Europa portal . The eBusiness Guide for SMEs is an intelligent online tool that helps enterprises to self-diagnose their eBusiness competences and related ICT needs. Based on this diagnosis, the eBusiness Guide proposes a range of suitable solutions, as well as local ICT service providers that can offer information and advice.

All that ICT providers have to do is to register and enter into the platform detailed information on their products and services in their national language. The procedure to register and enter the relevant data into the e Business Guide for SMEs is rather simple and can only offer benefits to the local ICT providers which will be very easily accessible and thus promoted in a pan-European level. This marketing instrument that has been funded by the European Commission is offered totally for free of charge and aims at the promotion of ICT awareness in SMEs. So far, over 1000 e Business solutions providers and 1.500 products, including open-source solutions have joined this tool.

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