Monday, June 28, 2010

Social Science Research network

Did you know that you can access thousands of social science research papers and articles online? See the last stats we had from the SSRN eLibrary:

Papers & Authors:

Abstracts: 289,990
Full Text Papers: 240,676
Authors: 138,281
Papers Received in Last 6 months:27,36

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cloud computing and knowledge management

As I already quoted on LinkedIn, I'm a surprised by the lack of public european initiative on cloud computing and secured cloud architecture within the european region. I'm really convinced that cloud architecture could boost the european ICT adoption (with offering cheap and secure data storage for european citizens) and make it cheaper for the weakest european countries.
If you're not convinced that Europe is waiting too long to adopt any plan, check what happened last month in Washington on the Knowledge Management level....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Knowledge management and communication

I'm very pleased to see that the editor World Scientific Publishing Company announces a book about KM and communication for September 2010. Most of the time, we find a lot of books on ontologies, document management, KM strategies with IT connections, but I believe that the academic community does not emphasize enough the communication skills we need to practice KM every day. The complete title of the book will be 'Communication and knowledge transfer: theories and cases in Journalism, Public relations and advertising (series on innovation and knowledge management) and it's written by Seow Ting Lee and I-huei Cheng.