Monday, November 1, 2010

Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative for Innovation Union

Despite the financial crisis, the European Commission has communicated some crucial agenda points for an innovative union:
  1. EU and member states need to continue to invest in education, R&D, innovation and ICT.
  2. Those investments should be performed hand in hand with reforms to get more value for money and tackle fragmentation.
  3. Our education systems at all levels should be modernized.
  4. Researchers and innovators must be able to work and to cooperate across the EU as easily as within national borders.
  5. Access to EU programmes must be simplified and their leverage effect on private sector investment enhanced, with the support of the European Investment Bank.
  6. We need to get more innovation out of our research.
  7. Remaining barriers for entrepreneurs to bring 'ideas to market' must be removed (better access to finance, affordable Intellectual Property rights etc.)
  8. European Innovation Partnerships should be launched to accelerate research, development and market deployment of innovations to tackle major societal challenges...
  9. Our strengths in design and creativity must be better exploited.
  10. We need to work better with our international partners.
What an exciting agenda :-) !! The full document can be downloaded here.

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